The Anti-Red Tape Authority (ARTA) and stakeholders from the logistics sector expressed their support to the Development Academy of the Philippines’ (DAP) regulatory reform recommendations on the study on Logistics Industry Regulation Review presented during the consultation meeting organized by ARTA last September 29. The DAP, through its Productivity and Development Center’s (PDC) Modernizing Government Regulations Program, highlighted recommendations to lower the level of regulation from licensing to registration, implement “no passing through” fees by local government units (LGUs), and streamline Philippine Economic Zone Authority’s (PEZA) services.

Discussing the pressing concerns of the representatives of the logistics sector who attended the consultation meeting, DAP’s PDC Vice President Arnel Abanto underscored that the level of regulation can be lowered from licensing to registration if the purpose is only to establish the legitimacy of the trucking operator. He mentioned that other requirements may also be dropped and an application/registration form requesting the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration number or business permit number itself may be put in place, allowing the agency to verify the authenticity of the number through sharing of information. VP Abanto also shared that registration in other countries is free because the information being provided is used by policy-makers to improve the sector.

Moreover, the recommendation on the strict implementation of the No “Passing Through” fees by the LGUs will facilitate the movement of goods and enable the supply chain to recover which was greatly affected by the current pandemic.

Recognizing PEZA’s streamlining initiatives in line with the DAP’s study findings and recommendations, VP Abanto also mentioned that the processing time for the PEZA registration takes up to 24 days, which is more than double of the 10 days stated in its Citizen’s Charter. While PEZA has since done away with SEC Registration, articles of registrations, and the Annual PPA Permit, implementation of the streamlined process will work better upon review and improvement of the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board’s issuance of Provisional Authorities to trucking franchises.

The consultation meeting, participated in by stakeholders of the logistics sector, composed of representatives from national government offices, academic institutions, civil society groups, and private sector, is in line with the ARTA’s National Effort for the Harmonization of Efficient Measures of Inter-Related Agencies or NEHEMIA Program. It requires concerned government agencies of the logistics sector to streamline business processes by cutting down unnecessary requirements and steps, as well as, adopting other methodologies for more efficient and seamless processes across government agencies.

This timely initiative addresses the need for a faster and more efficient flow of goods and services as the DAP continues to provide its knowledge and expertise to contribute in the improvement of the ease of doing business in the country.

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