The Government Best Practice Recognition (GBPR) is an initiative of the DAP to promote, showcase, and share knowledge on outstanding and innovative practices demonstrated by the public sector organizations.

As one of the components of the Business Excellence Program, which also include the PQA and the GEC, the GBPR supplements the DAP’s efforts to improve organizational productivity and performance in the public sector by recognizing innovative best practices of government institutions and organizations.

The GBPR complements the Public Sector Productivity Innovation Laboratory (PSP-InnoLab) under the GQMP by capturing innovative and transformative ideas, approaches and solutions of other government agencies in improving the quality and impact of their respective services to the public.

In partnership with the Center of Excellence for Public Sector Productivity (COE-PSP), the GBPR fosters innovation and futures thinking in the public sector and widens access to quality by integrating the COE-PSP’s knowledge management. It serves as a direct source for information for the publicly accessible DAP’s COE-PSP online repository Knowledge Bank.