The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), through its Productivity and Development Center (PDC), in partnership with the Asian Productivity Organization (APO), will hold a Digital Multi-country Workshop on Climate-smart Agriculture (CSA) Techniques and Practices on 26-28 April 2022, via Zoom Communications and YouTube Live.

The workshop will provide a platform for public and private sector leaders to examine the latest CSA techniques and practices in the Asia-Pacific region. It also intends to help decision makers develop plans for research and development investment in CSA as well as introduce adaptive technologies in APO member countries. Specifically, it aims to: a) share the latest technologies and practices to adapt to and mitigate climate change as applied in the agriculture sector; b) learn good practices in CSA to maintain and enhance crop productivity; and, c) discuss strategies and actions for advancing the adoption of CSA in the Asia-Pacific region.

Local and foreign senior government officials, policymakers, executives of farmers’ cooperatives and associations, senior academics, and consultants involved in promoting climate-smart agriculture from different APO member countries will attend the workshop. Likewise, experienced climate and agriculture science experts will serve as resource persons. They will present and discuss the CSA approach, techniques and practices, case studies from the Philippines and other Asian countries, and the key consideration enabling CSA such as policies, programs, technologies, and assessment. The workshop, scheduled at 1:00-5:00 p.m. (Manila time), will consist of presentations from international and local experts, group discussions and presentations, and other relevant learning methods.

To maximize opportunities for knowledge transfer, the workshop will be accessible to those who wish to view the sessions via YouTube Live. Interested viewers will receive the YouTube link to the workshop by registering through this link: The DAP-PDC shall provide Certificates of Attendance to the accepted YouTube viewers upon completion of all the necessary attendance and post-event evaluation forms.

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