The Philippine Quality Award (PQA) is the country’s highest national recognition for exemplary organizational performance for the public and private sectors. Institutionalized through Republic Act 9013, also known as the Philippine Quality Award Act, the PQA program is a global competitiveness template that aims to set the standard to help and encourage public and private organizations to strive for and attain performance excellence and be recognized among the Philippines’ best organizations, comparable to the best organizations in the world. As the PQA Award Administrator for the Public Sector, the DAP-PDC, disseminates invitations to apply for PQA, reviews eligibility of applicants, receives and endorses PQA application reports to the DTI, the Award Manager. The PDC handles the deployment and monitoring of PQA Assessors during the assessment period, and attends the presentation and review of PQA Assessors’ Report to the Board of Judges, as well as, the PQA Awarding Ceremony, PQA Improvement Day, and the PQA Winners’ Forum. The PDC maintains close coordination with the DTI-Competitiveness Bureau and the Philippine Society for Quality, the Award Administrator for the Private Sector.