The Productivity and Development Center offers technical assistance services to public sector organizations to help them come up with future-ready industry development plans or roadmaps. This planning assistance seeks to identify and prioritize strategic interventions for enhancing competitiveness, including technological readiness, of a particular industry/sector throughout their value chains. The DAP as a consulting and capability-building provider carries out customized interventions (e.g., training and/or technical assistance) for the sector/industry to develop their future-ready plan which involve the following areas:

  1. Situational analysis or the establishment of the baseline scenario of an industry/sector in terms of its competitiveness along technological, human resource, and other lines andinvolving desk research as well as primary data gathering tools such as perception surveys, focus group discussions, and key informant interviews;
  2. Technology scanning in the local and international setting, involving benchmarking with top-of-the-line technologies and innovative practices in leading local and international organizations and other countries;
  3. Future thinking/scenario planning to build organizational capacity and sector readiness in thinking systematically about the future recognizing that we operate on a VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) environment. By thinking about possible and plausible futures, foresight and scenario development allow organizations and the people within them to hold strategic conversations about risks and opportunities, develop shared visions, and produce more robust strategies;
  4. Strategic planning/roadmapping and guided report writing exercise prepares the organization to put together all information gathered to craft a more grounded, future-ready roadmap or strategic plan.  At this stage strategies, milestones, and activities are identified, to help achieve the strategic challenge and vision that the organization or the sector envisioned at the start of the planning process; and,
  5. Stakeholder consultations and validation/verification workshops aims to seek additional inputs through consultations with a broad group of stakeholders, including government, private sector, academe, consumer groups, and media and secure further buy-ins to support adoption and implementation of the developed roadmap and/or strategic plan.