Based on the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP) nationwide Business Satisfaction e-Survey (e-BizSat) conducted under the Government Quality Management Program, frontline government service gets 82.58 overall satisfaction score from businesses this year. Given the current challenges of the new normal and increasing online transactions in government, this score may well be considered relatively okay. The government to business (G2B) satisfaction score increased by two notches from the 2019 G2B satisfaction score of 80.53.

The 2021 G2B satisfaction score covers all modes of transaction whether face-to-face, online, or via phone call. Frontline government agencies and local government units in Luzon scored the lowest at 81.74, while Visayas and Mindanao got 84.49 and 88.57, respectively.

At this time of the pandemic, agencies and offices giving social and welfare services got a score of 77.01, while economic, employment, and licensing got 81.53. Meanwhile, business registration and local government received satisfaction score of 81.42 and 81.72, respectively.

Comparing these with the 2019 pre-pandemic results, social services received a satisfaction score of 80.42 and was second to the highest score among the agency clusters. The business registration cluster received the highest score then at 82.48 followed by local government with a score of 79.97, and the economic, employment, and licensing who got the lowest score of 78.27.

These biennial scores give government agencies and offices nationwide impetus to continue looking for ways to improve and meet the changing expectations of business owners and managers when they transact for business requirements. To ascertain what specific service features are important for them these days with safety protocols still in place, part two of the survey was rolled out by the DAP last 17 November and was extended until 20 December 2021.

The extension was made to give chance to more business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers nationwide to answer the survey this holiday season. The survey can be accessed at or through the QR code below: